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Motion Capture

I have been fortunate to have been trained in motion capture and related software at USC, which has one of the biggest motion capture stages in the country. It was at USC where I learned the principles of body capture and facial capture.


This was my final from my introductory course in motion capture that taught me about the principles and practice of motion capture. Inspired by the popular PythagoraSwitch video "Algorithm March," I replicated the original actor/character to demonstrate how the motions indirectly interact with each other.

Animated by Laura Stephens

Model/Actor: Kim Cagney

Song: "Algorithm March (Ninja version)" by PythagoraSwitch

My second class in motion capture focused mostly on facial capture. The principles behind both body and facial capture are almost the same, though facial capture involves a tremendous amount of character animation to make the lips seem natural. 

Animated by Laura Stephens

Model/Actor and Voice Talent by Kaita Mpambara

Poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll

Sound Design by Laura Stephens

Music Composed by Nick Kenworthy-Browne

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