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Brand Strategy

In order to understand how to market your brand, you need to gain a deep understanding of how your brand impacts the target consumer market, and how it is perceived both among consumers and internally. Along with competitive analysis, this drives brand development, messaging, and positioning, among many other important marketing decisions. 

I have done a number of brand audits for both entertainment and consumer product brands. Here are some examples:

This Is Us


Six months before This Is Us first aired on NBC, my MBA Entertainment Marketing team was given a tremendous opportunity to develop a marketing campaign to promote the new series. In order to prepare for our presentation, we researched how the teaser trailer impacted consumer targets, how to best understand the audience, and what themes resonated most among the viewers. We used our findings to pitch elements that had strong marketability, and how to leverage talent and marketing channels to strategically drive the most audience engagement.

We presented directly to NBC Universal executives, who adopted many of our strategies. Six months later, This Is Us aired with record ratings and remains one of NBC's most successful shows to date.

85°C Bakery & Café


Written in 2016, this brand audit analyzes and recommends brand development for 85°C Bakery & Café. 85°C is a Taiwanese teahouse bakery that has thousands of locations and is rapidly expanding its business and operations around the globe. Known for its large selection of light baked goods and savory pastries, its light and flavorful coffee has also gained a positive reputation. Its flagship product is its sea salt coffee, which is also its most highly publicized menu item. 

Since the writing of this brand audit, 85°C has gone on to adopt many of the recommendations and has continued to expand rapidly. Originally brought to America in heavily Taiwanese demographical areas such as Irvine, Hacienda Heights and West Covina, 85°C has also begun to integrate into mixed demographical markets - it now has locations in Downtown LA and Koreatown, and continues to thrive.



Although McDonald's has been a behemoth in the fast food market for many decades, consumer needs, perceptions, and interests have shifted to have a higher interest in health and fitness. In addition, new competitors have flooded the market with healthy alternatives to fast food. As a result, McDonalds' brand has struggled to remain relevant, and in order to secure its strength in the fast food market, it needs to shift its messaging and product offerings. For this brand audit, I worked closely with an MBA team to research the brand and what kind of impact McDonalds' new products have on consumer perception. To aid with the research, we made polls and I conducted surveys and taste tests to gather research for our final recommendations.

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