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Research Gathering

With over 12 years of collegiate and graduate schooling in addition to my career, I have performed an immense amount of both primary and secondary research. I always look forward to using user-driven insights to drive development of my projects.


I have end-to-end experience with hosting focus groups, ranging from identifying stakeholder issues, researching solutions, and developing questions, to hosting participants, moderating studies, transcribing responses, coding data intakes for analysis, and presenting key insights to stakeholders.


I have done surveys and polls for many projects, along with coding data intakes and presenting results through data visualization. Surveys are among my favorite ways to get a quick response and target areas of interest quickly. I especially enjoy conducting surveys in person, such as with product testing and usability testing.


For my MBA thesis alone, I conducted over 51 one-on-one interviews (25+ hours) for my MBA thesis and coding over 151 collective hours, which involved me and my teammates traveling to trade shows and conventions, and meeting with stakeholders both privately and over the phone to gather intakes. Data was used to support and/or reject hypotheses regarding client market entry analysis.

Question Preparation
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