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Flow Charts

While working on the mobile game Soulstone Heroes, the American game developers worked closely with our Chinese team. In order to create efficient presentation decks, flow charts were translated into Chinese. I have a handful of images that are in English, though there are many more examples available.


In the settings flow chart, users are able to complete the following tasks:


  • Connect their account to social media, which also assists with locating friends in the game's "social" feature

  • Report issues/bugs within the game and communicate with customer service

  • Monitor their in-game activity log, which includes special items received and levels gained; this is a helpful log for reporting to customer service

  • Get answers to frequently asked questions

  • Gain access to legal documentation, such as terms of service and the privacy policy

In the conversion flow chart, users who seek to spend money for the opportunity to summon heroes before the end of the countdown/time constraint are able to complete the following tasks:


  • Review their roster of incomplete heroes (pieced together through "shards" to collect in game)

  • Purchase premium currency, which is used to expedite gameplay experience and increase chances for high quality summons

  • View "VIP" information, or points attributed to conversion amounts, which can unlock special gifts

  • Receive unlocked premium gifts and bundles

  • Purchase items and equipment to empower their heroes

As a way of organizing game assets to maintain quality control between two teams, it is essential to clearly label each user interface asset. Below are some examples of how my team and I marked asset file names and image resolutions. It looks like a lot, but it kept it easily organized!

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