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Event Design

I design and organize many types of events. For example, as the head of community management for a popular browser game, The Lost Titans, I developed events in-game, in social media and in forums to drive user engagement and monetization. I also have experience organizing corporate events.


Pets and mounts are a strong source of monetization due to social recognition. Whether available for a limited time or as a gift for monetary spend, players seek display their collection. Catering to players' interests, I had a strong hand in developing concepts for pets and mounts, often submitting hybrid chimera-like designs.

To the left is an example of one of my concepts that was developed into a pet. Below are more examples of final in-game elements.


In The Lost Titans, one of my favorite activities was hosting trivia twice a week because I had the opportunity to showcase written creativity and foster intern teamwork while also benefitting player culture. All trivia events were done in rhymes, and the events were so fun and differentiated, it often drew 70 - 80% of active players on each server and also boosted player log-ins by 50%. There were many players who wrote to me and told me that they continued to play the game at least twice a week just for the opportunity to participate in the trivia sessions.

All trivia was game-related, so players had equal opportunities to participate and win. The setup also allowed for multiple players to win, and points were assigned based on timed responses. Accrued points were exchanged for rewards.

Examples of trivia questions are below.

I have many feathers to help me fly. I have a body and head but I'm not alive. Your strength determines how far I go. You can hold me in your hand, but I'm never thrown. What am I?
- Arrow

I look like a knight, though unlike in chess, instead of getting 2, you get 50 at best. I boost all your skills if you try to enhance, though you may have to purchase another chance.​

- Fighting Spirit

Each time you enter, I’ll always be there, though your speed may be fast, so you remain unaware. Above me, there’s always a picture to show, and below me there’s nothing but the edge of window. What am I?

- Loading Bar


I have organized company events for almost all companies where I have worked. During my internship at Troika, I organized the Troikalympics 2016 with my fellow interns, for which I led the development of in-office sporting events that built company culture and teamwork. At The Cavalry Productions, I organized and coordinated their Social Hour with vendors and clients. At ZQGame, I helped organize basketball challenges with other neighboring gaming companies such as Nexon and Activision. To this day, I continue to manage events every few weeks for my aunt's business, In Any Event.

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